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Mobile DOT Physical

What a Sports Physical includes

The healthcare provider will check your child’s vitals, joints, and flexibility. They will also check vision and do a short fitness assessment to diagnose and recommend any possible limitations on physical activity.



Vitals check

We will check your child's pulse and blood pressure to ensure proper vitals. We will also document his or her weight and height, since weight changes can place added stress on joints, muscles, and bones.


Eye exam

An eye exam checks for proper vision and evaluates whether your child needs prescription lenses or if his or her current prescription needs to be adjusted.


Fitness assessment

We will examine your child’s heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose, and throat. We'll check his or her cardiovascular system and recommending any limitations on physical activity.


Joints and flexibility check

By testing your child’s strength, flexibility, posture, and joints, we can identify any areas that may be prone to injury as well as suggest potential exercises and tips to help build a healthier body.


Medical history review

A medical history is just as important as a medical examination. Knowing about any past illnesses, surgeries, or conditions, such as asthma or chest pains, will help diagnose problems and prevent complications in the future.

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